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Online Financial Advisor
Online Financial Advisor
Online Financial Advisor
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An Online Financial Advisor That is Different

We strive to be the online financial advisor that is above standard. Erebel is not a computer automated advisor, therefore, you get a real in-house advisor that cares and helps you make decisions in your best interest. We provide efficiency and technology to provide affordable advice.

What is included being an eRebel Client?

eRebel was designed to merge the best of online efficiency with real world-experienced financial advisors. This gives you the ability to hire a great financial advisor at a great price. You can make better decisions and above all, efficiently move yourself closer to financial freedom.

Hire your own online financial advisor today!

   Manage Investments Directly

We watch your investments closely and manage with discretion, per your investment objectives. You must use TD Ameritrade as custodian.

   Online Access to your eRebel Portal

You have access to all of your financial information and goals based planning tools.

   2 Webconference Meetings per year

To review your progress and performance.

   Tax managed/sensitive portfolios

Depending on your situation and account type, we can tailor your investment strategy to reduce the taxable ramifications of your strategy and use local municipal bonds to make your portfolio(s) more efficient.

   Access to on-going Financial Advice

We will always take questions from you to help you streamline your financial situation.

   Ability to upgrade to our other service models

You may upgrade at anytime, however, our eRebel model uses a slightly different technological solution than our Silver and Gold models which will require some data re-entry by you if you upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 30-day free trial work?

After you connect with us for a free trial, we will contact you directly. We will open a temporary account for you through eMoney (rFPW), custom cash management software tailored to rebel that will house all of your personal finance accounts into one place. You will be able to set budgets, track spending, and manage your money with the trial.

My 30 days trial is over, now what?

When the trial is over, your account will be deleted and all of your information will be detached from our system. If you are satisfied with the trial and want to continue using the software and acquire our full service, you can become a client with rebel.

How do I become an eRebel client?

Becoming a client with rebel Financial is easy and simple. You can contact an advisor in-person or even online through a web-conference. Your first appointment with us is complementary. You can contact us or sign up directly by clicking the buttons below.

How much does eRebel cost?

The cost is $100/mo. plus our asset management fee schedules below.  This subscription fee is currently waived if you have more than $250,000 in Assets Under Management (AUM) with us. *You must use TD Ameritrade as custodian for all accounts you wish us to manage. * >Preferred Custodians Fee Schedule*

Is there an example case of your fees?

If you have $25,000 in AUM with us through TD Ameritrade then you would pay: $100/mo. via PayPal from any credit card, checking, or savings account of your preference, plus 0.7% of $25,000 out of your accounts. This comes to $43.75 deducted quarterly from your actual investment accounts. *This is an example for illustrative purposes only and your account value(s) will fluctuate over the year giving slightly different charges based on the market performance*

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Online Financial Advisor
Online Financial Advisor
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Online Financial Advisor
Online Financial Advisor

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